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Getting Restless!

March 26, 2012

It’s ironic that during the development of Out Of Hell, I couldn’t wait to get it all done and out the door so that I could be free. It was a project that I loved and loved working on but after a few years, it really felt like a burden at times. I couldn’t do certain things, couldn’t play certain games because it would cut into too much project time. I spent nearly every weekend during those 7 years sitting in front of the PC building that game. Imagine my relief when it was fully uploaded and done with! I wouldn’t have to deal with it again…

But now, months after, I find myself missing it! How weird is that? I guess I don’t miss the project itself as much as I miss having something to do, something to pour my time and investment into. I guess it’s sort of like living with someone and getting sick of them and then missing their company after they’ve moved out! Oh the irony.

Pre-GDC I spent some time winding down and catching up on some games that I hadn’t had the time to get into but now that GDC has come and gone, I’m beginning to get the development-crazies again. Itchy fingers, my mind swims with ideas and concepts, I get restless doing nothing with my time.

I had a few project ideas, ones that I came up with during the OOH years but put off until OOH was done. Now I’ve begun on another project, one that I think will surprise many of you. Could it be an addition to the OOH universe? An expansion, sequel, remake or……


My head is full of ideas; a ghost-themed game, something futuristic with mech combat, an old-school top-down space shooter, even a Double Dragon-ish beat ’em up! With the UDK available and the upcoming release of CryEngine for indie use, it’s an exciting time for us all!

I’m going only where the motivation and inspiration takes me and will be officially announcing the project in the coming months! I’m sure you’ll all be pleasantly surprised with what I cook up!

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