Digital Artist & Game Designer



You Pilot A Piece Of S***: GAIDEN is no mere game. It is a deep, metaphorical study of the challenges and struggles we all face as we navigate the often unpredictable and sometimes turbulent waters of life.

Before delving into the short end, one must look no further than to simply ask these questions: “Is it possible to confront the things that confront us? Is there no separation between well-being and space-time?”

The answer has never been more clear…or obtuse! Only when we hold onto our predilection for propensity do we truly ascend, not as Masters of our own spiritualality (yes, that is a word not a typo) but as seekers of dogmatic stagnation!

Journey on, sweet pilgrim, as you guide the shit through the crossroads of quantum turbulence!


  • It’s really cheap!
  • You control a piece of poo.




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