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It IS Hell, Afterall!

It’s been an event-filled time since the last update but the polishing process is still running smoothly. I haven’t run into many issues that have held me back for too long (used to take me potentially days to fix issues)

I’ve come up with some pretty grisly setpieces that I think you will all love when you play it. I’ve almost held nothing back on some of the horrific things you’ll find. This is me finally being able to express the vision that I’ve wanted to for over 10 years ago with the mod!

One of the things I set up in the story is that there are different Hells and not just one so it allows me the creative freedom to explore different concepts and visualizations. As you can see from these screenshots, this Hell is a fiery torture chamber whereas some of the previous pictures I’ve shown are cold, bloody pits shrouded in darkness.

The hooded fellow you see is a boss monster called “The Hangman” and you have no idea how great it felt to finally get him in-game and working properly after all these years of sitting on it.

I tried to introduce some interesting scenarios and had this “boss fight” in my head for a long time. It only existed in a very basic, blocked-out form up until a few months ago. I think the intensity of it will really freak people out and I can’t wait to unleash this!

Do check out the Youtube channel for some videos that I’ve recently uploaded and come join us in the Discord for some interseting discussions!

It’s Been Busy!

Hey everyone! While I was working away on tidying up another level, I brought on even more testers to run through a map I finished a little while back. I have to say, it’s such a constant, humbling experience for me because I usually send off the demo(s) feeling pretty comfortable(smug?) that there won’t be many issues because “I thought of everything and this is going to be airtight!” only to be shown a laundry list of hilarious bugs and issues within the first report!

Some of them are forehead-smacking issues too, like a “But of course! Why the hell didn’t I think of that!?” sort of thing. It’s been fantastic getting all this input and each tester brings with them a fresh perspective and playstyle to it. Had I brought on this many QA folks for the mod, it might not have been such an unmitigated disaster! 😉

Many of the testers record themselves playing through with reactions, comments and suggestions throughout and I’ll usually pause the video, head into the map and fix the issues right then and there. Another thing I’ve been doing is paying attention to what they look at, what they do etc. to see if the cues and (mis)directions that I’ve put in are working as intended. For example, if I place an important item on a desk and the tester doesn’t notice and walks right by it, I can then go in and make it more noticeable, use a cutscene or alter the path to it.

It’s all been so valuable and I’m happy to say so far so good! All the testers really enjoy the direction, presentation and visuals and I’m sure you all will too!

Now, enough of my yammering. It’s time to show some f***ed up images from the latest demo!


All My Base Are Be Built!

The player’s base of operations and the surrounding area is done and now I can move onto the next map! There’s a filthy couch to sleep on, a wooden chest to store things in (initially, I was going to make it so that you could drop your items anywhere in this place and it would be saved but having a chest is just a cleaner method) and a few other things.

I was able to solve a few different issues/bugs with the conversation tree and journal system which is a huge relief. I also made several improvements based upon some good feedback in the Discord chat as well!

It’s kind of a crazy feeling for me right now when I look back at all the concept art I made (Sullivan, for example) and now, like 7 years LATER I’ve got him in-game with cutscenes and everything. It’s really hard to describe but it’s a combination of relief, anxiety and sadness all rolled into one. Relanxness?

The rest of the maps that need cleaning and optimizing aren’t as sparse (in terms of completion) as this one was so it should go a little quicker (like the sewers, forest etc.) Just gotta keep focused and pushing, I am so damn close now!

Let Me Give You A Tour!

There was a bookstore in the original mod that you came across that sold occult books and metaphysical supplies. It had some important information but outside of that it was just another stop on your way out of town. Here’s some refresher screens:

For some reason I don’t remember it being this sparse! Anyway, this store now serves as a base of operations (remember I mentioned in the development journal that the original mod was supposed to have a hub area?) You can eat, rest, research without fear of being mobbed by the demonic undead! You will return here after each mission and there’s an NPC that will answer questions and help you decide what to do and where to go next.

The above pic is what it looked like for about 2 years (I think that’s the last time I touched it, I can’t even remember) since I was just plowing through and only creating the layout of the maps and blocking everything out. I didn’t add too much detail to many areas (as I always said I would return and polish them up in the final detailing phase, which is where we are at now) so you can see what the game would look like at its basic.

It was a bit of a pain coming up with all the different little nuances of these types of places but having been to many of these stores in real life (I’m totally into this shit! XD) I felt an obligation to get the look and feel as accurate as I could. There are also living quarters upstairs but I decided last minute to not show any since I don’t want to further spoil it.

The cleanup of these maps is taking a little longer than I anticipated but they are also looking far better than I could have imagined. It’s coming guys, just a little bit more!

And for anyone that missed this video, you can get a small preview of me groaning and drooling all over the place! XD

Putting the “Hell” in Out Of Hell!

Something that I wanted to explore but couldn’t in the original mod (because of lack of skill, really) was the “Hell” realm that was only touched upon in the game lore. You could see the style I was going for in the title screen of the unpatched version and the “Meatplant” levels. The mod was supposed to be different in so many ways but due to limitations I had to settle on what was finally released.

It was unfortunate that I was unable to elborate on that but this remake/reboot/redo/reimagining/whatever is very close to my original idea, the original intent. You’ll now have to make your way through the many different hellish realms and deal with the things that reside there as well as the creatures that plague the city!

It’s a very different thought process when working on these kinds of nightmarish visuals. I’m really not confined by the same logic as when I’m working on the more grounded “normal” reality-based levels because nightmares are not bound by rules, just the feeling of horror.

You won’t see this level of unapologetic gore in many games these days, I guarantee!

Massive Pic Dump!

Happy Spring everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted actual pictures! I had gotten so used to just uploading videos that I overlooked the importance of actual image updates. So to make up for it, here you go!

Though I’m currently cleaning up a different map, I thought I’d post some pictures from a fairly recent one I completed (this was part of the latest demo I sent to the testers) I spent quite some time trying to nail the “after rain” autumn look and I’m happy to report the testers love the atmosphere of it.

I intentionally made it so that the player spends a bit of time soaking up the ambience while I slowly ratchet up the tension. It’s a slow-burn dread and I tried my best to craft certain scenarios that would achieve this. I’ve been carrying these ideas and scenarios around in my head since 2013 and to now finally be able to see it all in action is a huge joy and relief for me.

I will definitely need to extend the time until release (originally supposed to be in 7 months! Where does the time go!?) but I am still working and pressuring myself as if release is still this Halloween. We’ll see how much extra time I’ll need when we get there.

It’s coming together nicely and I think it’s going to turn into something really unique and really special. Hang in there friends, it’s almost the home stretch!