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Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod)


Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod) is a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004. It is a horror-themed first-person adventure that takes place within Grinwood, an industrial town devastated by a zombie plague. Players will assume the role of Donovan Ling, a police officer sent from a neighboring city to investigate a garbled transmission from Grinwood. You must traverse through a variety of areas, attempting to survive long enough to uncover the truth behind the mysterious zombie plague!

Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod) has several interesting features that will surely appeal to horror-gaming fans everywhere! It has vast, beautifully detailed environments and a unique, immersive atmosphere accompanied by a haunting soundtrack composed by Justin Lassen. Players can look forward to exploring huge levels and those who are keen on backstory will be able to unravel clues hidden inside logs and files as they progress through the game!

Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod) won the ‘Best Original Art Direction 2009’ award at Mod DB and was a finalist in the ‘Best Singleplayer Mod’ category.


  • Bludgeon your way through 15+ grimy and blood-soaked maps using over 10 brutal weapons!
  • Highly detailed and atmospheric environments, creepy locales, immersive ambient sound effects and a spine-tingling soundtrack.
  • Uncover a deep and disturbing storyline as you make your way through the decimated town.
  • 100% custom created content including textures, models, animations and more!


Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod) began as a hobby project back in 2002/2003, eventually taking 6+ years to complete. It was solely developed by Long Nguyen, who worked on the visual assets such as textures, graphics and models as well as other areas including animation, mapping, sound effects and coding. In 2007, Justin Lassen, a professional composer with over 10 years experience in the film, music and game industry composed a haunting 27-song soundtrack.


(Install in this order)

  • 1: Install UT2004.
  • 2: Install UT2004 Patch v3369.
  • 3: Install the Epic Megapack.
  • 4: Install Out Of Hell.
  • 5: Install the Out Of Hell Patch v1.





Is Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod) a Modification? What will I need to play it?

  • Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod) is a TC (Total Conversion) for Unreal Tournament 2004 which utilizes custom made content for a completely different gaming experience. It relies on a full installation of Unreal Tournament 2004 in order to function and is not compatible with any other Unreal product.

Can I use the Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod) zombies or weapons in my own map, or use some of your textures and meshes in my work?

  • Assets included with Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod) may not be used, ported, included or embedded in any other map, mod, mutator, total conversion or derivative work. This applies to all textures, graphics and artwork, static meshes and models, animations, sound effects and music.

Will there be NPC’s that travel alongside you and provide backup?

  • NO, because NPC’s are dumbasses.

Will there be a Mac version?

  • There are no plans for a Mac or Linux version.

Will there be any sort of multiplayer or co-op modes?

  • No, it is strictly a singleplayer game. It was not designed with multiplayer aspects in mind.
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