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March 26, 2012

Today I edited a small texture file for one of the OOH forumers and so I had to go through my old master files to find it. After going through the old texture packages and then loading up OOH to test out the changes, I ended up playing the thing for about 45 minutes and it was actually great!

It was really something to visit it again and play it from the perspective of a gamer and not a developer. Before, I was always critical of this or that during testing, always thinking that ‘Oh, I should have done this, or that could have been done so much better’ but this time, I went through it and really appreciated the whole package. I found myself really drawn into the the atmosphere and music and was constantly hit by pangs of nostalgia.

It truly is my baby and it really was a great experience working on it. It was a little saddening knowing that it was all in the past, that I could never have the same experience again. It’s sort of like walking past a childhood place or home and remembering how important it was for you during that time of your life. Ah nostalgia!

But now it’s passed and I know that it was merely a stepping stone (important as it was) onto bigger and greater things. Now that I’m aware of this and onto a new project, I’m going to savor every little experience I get from it and perhaps in a couple of years, I’ll write about this new project with the same fondness.

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