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Out Of Hell Wins ‘Best Original Art Direction Of 2009’ On!

March 26, 2012

ZOMG! There really isn’t any other word that I can think of at the moment! Out Of Hell was nominated by the editors of as having the “Best Original Art Direction”, one of the categories in their yearly “Mod Of The Year” award that goes back quite a few years! I’ve put countless hours into establishing a unique, deeply atmospheric experience with visuals that are both inspiring and disturbing.

Here are some quotes from the editors at Moddb:

“Best Original Art Direction Is…Out of Hell – Unreal Tournament 2004. It’s one thing to give this award to a mod who uses an engine which is known for it’s graphical fidelity. It’s another to award those who push the limits for older engines. It’s for this reason that Out of Hell, wins best original art of 2009. Amazing vistas, horrific surprises and a thrilling atmosphere to boot. No other mod nominated raises the bar for what games can look like, with just a little bit of TLC.” –

“…Original in the sense means that it was created for this game and the direction it took did not change during the entire mod, the atmosphere, the art even the music and story are all fresh and unique…” – Moddb

What an absolute honor it is to be recognized in this way! I’ll close this post off by saying THANK YOU to all of those that voted for Out Of Hell and allowing it to place among the Top 100 mods of 2009, THANK YOU to all of those in the Out Of Hell community for your ongoing support, and THANK YOU Editors of Moddb for your nomination!

You can view the page here:

Video Announcement here:




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