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Two Of Two!

March 26, 2012

The funding campaign has gone LIVE! It is done through Indiegogo and is located here:

I humbly ask the Out Of Hell community, the gaming public and all other supporters for assistance. I have started this crowd-funding campaign in hopes of raising enough money to help out with development costs. The goal is to raise $15,000 USD or more if possible. This is indeed quite a sum but by relying on your generosity and word-of-mouth I believe we can achieve it!

All of the money raised would enable me to bring more help onboard as needed (such as additional artists/programmers) purchase music and sound effects or cover any other related expenses. Building games is a time-consuming process but with your contributions and support, I can significantly reduce the development time by hiring more people to help out! This cuts the amount of work that I need to do and greatly lessens the workload I shoulder.

The campaign has been launched through which makes it super easy to donate and gives you the option of using either your credit card or Paypal to make a contribution. If you prefer to help in other ways, you can still do so by spreading the news by word-of-mouth or through social media! ANY and ALL help is sincerely appreciated!

I have also included some Perks (detailed on the funding page) which I hope would interest you enough to contribute! For example you can have your initials scrawled onto the stalls of one of Daemonicon’s many restrooms, spray-painted onto a wall or have one of the randomly-encountered NPC’s in the game named after you!

I hope that you will consider making a contribution to support Daemonicon and really, really thank you for following!

Please check it out!

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