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February 11, 2016

I’ve had some free time here and there so I squeezed out as much work as I could and this is the result! Some What-in-the-H-am-I-looking-at monsters! Now, I’ve got just a handful of creature reveals left; most of which are original OoH zombies revamped! I can’t wait to show all the fans of the original OoH what has become of their beloved dead-heads!

Also, a thing to keep in mind is that most of the monster names I’ve shown so far are what some of the characters in the gameworld will call them BUT there is backstory and alternative names to these creatures; all of which will be described in detail when you find the Daemonicon Ictrama! (for those unfamiliar, this was a Demonic Tome hinted at in the original game) I loved writing the lore and coming up with the names for these demonic creatures. If you’re into that sort of thing, prepare to be immersed in it!

Monster - MandralorsheMonster - Blood CreepMonster - Shambler

I’ve also got a bunch of NPC characters but I won’t be revealing those any time soon because I have to maintain some element of surprise.

You know, speaking of surprises, I’m surprised that for some reason there is still a small part of me that just resists learning new things. I don’t know why that is but it happened way back when with the whole modding process, level design, Unreal Editor, programming and so on but most recently; ZBrush sculpting.

In the long run I have never regretted taking out the time to learn these things so why is there still this little voice that says “Bah, it’s too much work! Bah, just hire someone else to do it! Bah, learning sucks!”

Though I am nowhere near any level of mastery with the techniques or tools that I use, I have always been able to do what I needed when I needed so I don’t know where this resistance comes from.

P.S Learning does NOT suck!

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