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All My Base Are Be Built!

June 17, 2022

The player’s base of operations and the surrounding area is done and now I can move onto the next map! There’s a filthy couch to sleep on, a wooden chest to store things in (initially, I was going to make it so that you could drop your items anywhere in this place and it would be saved but having a chest is just a cleaner method) and a few other things.

I was able to solve a few different issues/bugs with the conversation tree and journal system which is a huge relief. I also made several improvements based upon some good feedback in the Discord chat as well!

It’s kind of a crazy feeling for me right now when I look back at all the concept art I made (Sullivan, for example) and now, like 7 years LATER I’ve got him in-game with cutscenes and everything. It’s really hard to describe but it’s a combination of relief, anxiety and sadness all rolled into one. Relanxness?

The rest of the maps that need cleaning and optimizing aren’t as sparse (in terms of completion) as this one was so it should go a little quicker (like the sewers, forest etc.) Just gotta keep focused and pushing, I am so damn close now!

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