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It’s Been Busy!

August 4, 2022

Hey everyone! While I was working away on tidying up another level, I brought on even more testers to run through a map I finished a little while back. I have to say, it’s such a constant, humbling experience for me because I usually send off the demo(s) feeling pretty comfortable(smug?) that there won’t be many issues because “I thought of everything and this is going to be airtight!” only to be shown a laundry list of hilarious bugs and issues within the first report!

Some of them are forehead-smacking issues too, like a “But of course! Why the hell didn’t I think of that!?” sort of thing. It’s been fantastic getting all this input and each tester brings with them a fresh perspective and playstyle to it. Had I brought on this many QA folks for the mod, it might not have been such an unmitigated disaster! 😉

Many of the testers record themselves playing through with reactions, comments and suggestions throughout and I’ll usually pause the video, head into the map and fix the issues right then and there. Another thing I’ve been doing is paying attention to what they look at, what they do etc. to see if the cues and (mis)directions that I’ve put in are working as intended. For example, if I place an important item on a desk and the tester doesn’t notice and walks right by it, I can then go in and make it more noticeable, use a cutscene or alter the path to it.

It’s all been so valuable and I’m happy to say so far so good! All the testers really enjoy the direction, presentation and visuals and I’m sure you all will too!

Now, enough of my yammering. It’s time to show some f***ed up images from the latest demo!

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