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Look At All That Beautiful Garbage!

January 18, 2023

It’s funny when you think about it, but when I said I was going through the “Cleanup and Polishing Phase” of the maps, one of the things I was actually doing was making things even dirtier and less polished-looking. XD

It’s great fun diving back into the maps that I haven’t seen for months with a fresh pair of eyes and fixing up things here and there. It’s probably my favorite part of the development process; adding all the little subtle details that give this stinkhole of a city that grimy and “lived in” look. Most of the debris and garbage is actually 3D now as well (as opposed to an alpha texture on a flat plane) and I think it adds a subtle improvement when the light hits it at certain angles.

Here are some simple before and after editor shots:

Hang in there guys! It’s getting there fast and when it’s finally on your computer, you will love spending time in this world. It’s full of little nuances and things for you to explore and think about. You’ll see why and where I put all the time into this and when this beast hits, you won’t be disappointed. I promise! 🙂

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