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The People Have Spoken!

October 14, 2012

I’d like to start out by thanking everyone who voted in the poll, so Thank You all very much! I have a certain direction that I want to take this game in but it is always a good idea to consider the feedback of those who are going to be playing the game. The numbers speak for themselves and it is apparent that most people would prefer that it played out in the First-Person.

So here it is! I implemented a True First-Person Camera thanks to a framework developed by Kris Redbeard. Below is a direct link to the framework available on his site and a video of the True First-Person camera in action. It’s awesome!

Below you can see I’ve adapted the framework (Please note that it is using a default UDK Player model and Weapon)

The only thing that I have not implemented is Head Tracking (The head moving independant of the body with the usage of a web cam) as it requires a commercial license of faceAPI by seeingmachines.

As for the name of the project, it will now be called Infernal Dead. For those that donated to the Daemonicon fund, the perks will of course transfer over to Infernal Dead.

In Out Of Hell related news, Justin is selling the Out Of Hell OST on his site so drop on by and check it out! It includes high-quality versions of all the songs that he composed for the game as well as a bunch that were not included so be sure to have a look!

I’ll wrap things up for now and will have some new visual content for the next update. I am also on the lookout for a prop modeler who is interested in working on a contract basis. If you can unwrap/texture and create medium poly assets, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line with a link to your portfolio and we’ll talk!

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  1. Gillman permalink

    Whose body will be instead of standart UDK bot? Once again police? )

  2. Gillman permalink

    Oh, excuse me me for my bad english.

  3. Gillman permalink

    I much wait this beautiful game, I am from Russia. )
    Out of hell is very cool game, i like this very much!
    I pleased that Infernal Dead will First Person Shooter, this is my loved type of game view.

  4. – What about Infernal Dead composer?

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