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Things Are Picking Up!

August 3, 2013

I’ve been back from my trip for around two and a half weeks and I must say it was a nice little diversion. It gave me time to breathe, to think and most important of all, reorganize. I now have a much more clear direction of where I want to take this and how to get it done. Sometimes a little break makes all the difference in the world and now I’m back and hammering away at it with new fervor.

Below you’ll find 12 more screens of Laughlin Lake. In the next update, I’ll expand and show the other side of the lake which includes rest areas and camp/picnic grounds.


Of course, I’m extremely proud of the Lighting System that I’ve implemented and it gets closer and closer to what I wanted in terms of lifelike visuals. This was no easy task and I feel as though I’m really squeezing as much juice as I can from the UDK but you know me; I’ll keep pushing it to its bounds, right until the very end.

One thing that I’m not too happy with is the ‘jaggies’. I have a filter that does some depth-based sharpening because I like crisp visuals but even without it, the ‘jaggies’ are still there. Now, I know that UDK has some AA filters to help smooth out the visuals but for some reason, in my case, the visuals get really ‘muddy’ when the filter is applied. I’ll have to find a solution for that later on.

On another note, I mentioned a couple of posts back that I had been having some trouble with a coder I hired. I’m happy to say the situation was resolved when I got back and so there is no reason to delve into it any further. What matters is that I can start digging into the code once again and the project can finally move forward in that aspect.

Thanks for visiting and come back next month for another update!

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  1. chicken+ribs combo permalink

    This map is a new creation and is more forest-themed than any of the OOH ones were, however, most of the OOH maps will make an appearance in one way or another. As was said in the OOH Post Mortem, most of the maps were all connected at one point. I figured, it would be a great trip down nostalgia lane for the Fans of OOH, plus it makes for some pretty big maps. 🙂

  2. YoYoBatty permalink

    Looks fantastic. Is or was this map part of OOH? I remember laughlin lake being mentioned but I can’t recognize the scene. Perhaps the other side of the lake will show off part of what we saw in OOH?

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