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Just Dropping A Line!

November 17, 2013

Hello! I just wanted to drop you all a line and tell you things are still on track. It has been a hectic few months since the last update and I did a little bit of travelling and am now just settling into a new job! I do not have the time to post a big update at the moment but I wanted to tell you some of the new things going on under the hood of the Infernal Dead machine!

About a week after the last update I began toying around with the idea of procedural generation. I wasn’t quite sure it was feasible and it was just a ‘What if…’ sort of thing BUT 8 days later I actually managed to build a basic system and got it working. There were a lot of hurdles and limitations but you know me, I kept at it and after some more coding and a few workarounds I finally had a system I was proud of!

So now, I have a procedural map generation system (random maps) which means that you will literally never play the same level twice! (I guess it’s mathematically possible but the odds are astronomical) The AI has methods to navigate the maps and it all melds seamlessly into my dynamic lighting system. It also supports proper collision (which was a big problem in the beginning), proper world dynamic lighting (also another big problem at first) and a few more features I haven’t mentioned. Best of all, it runs really smooth despite what is actually going on and is much faster than the prevous maps I built with the Editor. 98% of it is code (no Kismet bullshit) and it isn’t hacky code either as I’ve learned a lot about programming during this time and can do a few things better than I used to!

I also coded most of the game ‘skeleton’ such as the world map screen, level progression, stamina and supply system, etc. I got a lot of work done during my online absence so I’m quite happy about that.

So I’ll go into the details with the full proper update but these are just some of the really exciting things that I’ve been up to! I’ll drop another update as soon as I can, see you soon guys!

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  1. Keegan permalink

    Sounds good I can’t wait to see how this work out in game.

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