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March 18, 2014

I’ll let you all in on a little secret of mine: Everytime I use the UDK, I want to punch my computer in the fucking face.


What you’re all looking at is a very, very sparse scene with some simple level geometry. For some reason, this causes UDK to FREAK OUT and give me the middle finger. Now, I consider myself to be a pretty patient person but this is just…beyond words now.

At this moment in time I am full of nothing but bitterness and frustration. I have no motivation, I have no inspiration and I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I can’t overcome this Developer’s block and the things that I have to deal with everytime I try to progress with this engine keeps grinding me further and further into this funk. I seriously am at wits end and I don’t know what else I can do right now. Wait for UE4? Go to CryEngine? Unity? Nothing?

For the sake of my sanity I need to take a step back because I seriously don’t know what is going to happen next with this project. I’ll see you guys when I see you.

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  1. chicken+ribs combo permalink

    John Glames :
    Well Unreal 4 engine is now released (4 a price ofcourse)
    But i recommend to wait for just a little bit to see if it’s any good.

    I had no idea it was out! Thank you for that link John, I’ll look into it immediately.

  2. John Glames permalink

    Well Unreal 4 engine is now released (4 a price ofcourse)
    But i recommend to wait for just a little bit to see if it’s any good.

  3. YoYoBatty permalink

    Okay we’ll start with this:

    List your PC specs
    How often you restart your computer
    Your Hard drive and when the last time you did a fresh install.

    It looks like you are using 32 bit windows xp. I think your problem starts there, you are most likely running out of memory. I highly suggest either upgrading your memory to maybe 8gb and getting Windows 7 64 bit (I can give you places to get a download if you aren’t willing to put money towards it). I think once you do that, you can consider using 64 bit versions of the UDK. I highly suggest you do this. Also backup all your files and shit onto another hard drive before you do this. Then do a complete new install of videos clearing everything such as old drivers and shit. Get the latest drivers from GeForce. Also it’s noted that restarting your computer every so often really helps it. Windows is the shittiest OS when it comes to resource management and I’m not joking, my high end gaming rig needs it every so often or the thing just freezes and has no chance of respond. If all else fails I can test the files myself to see if it works on my PC. Also don’t be afraid to step back from your computer every so often to go do something else, I find that’s very helpful. I am dedicated to helping you at this point, I hate to see you in such a state of despair.

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