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Just One More!

May 31, 2014

Thanks for voting in the poll! It would appear as though the original ‘Out Of Hell‘ name resonates the most out of all the other choices! This being the case, the mod version will probably be referred to around here as ‘Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod)’ and the commercial version ‘Out Of Hell‘. That being said, I’m going to throw another poll at you:

I’d also like to show off a few of the cars I’ve been working on. None of them are skinned at the moment but still, I can’t wait to get them into the game!


I’ve also got some vans/trucks in the works and it isn’t taking me long to crank these out at all (So much so that there will probably be several more unique base car models) When I was shopping around for freelance modelers, it would have cost me anywhere from $500 to $1300 per vehicle which, depending on who you talk to isn’t unreasonable but if I’m already able to do it, then it makes more sense to just do the work myself and save the money.

In Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod) there was only 1 car model that was used over and over and most of the details like grooves/indents/lines/small details were all textured on. I’ve tried to limit that sort of thing here and use actual geometry wherever I can for all of my models. I also plan to use a special material that will apply a randomized color variation and dirt/grime/damage for every model, weapon and monster to keep things fresh!

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  1. John Glames permalink

    I think if the interior bus model is made simplistic and let zombies slowly climb its windows you less likely have the AI to glitch out.

    If you’re going for the vehicle filled street level design having those buses opened up you’ll end up making more use of the wasted space, and presenting more possible gameplay strats against mobs (disorienting/slowing them down). Have slight chances of finding items within them, that means more use of the time cycle system.

    As it stands the gameplay involved with them usually boils down to a shooting gallery in a tunnel (case in point the mountain road map) Should you get munched it’s really just your own fault for taking that risk.
    Also some potential bus jump scares with shriekers, right? 🙂

  2. John Glames permalink

    Will the busses have explorable interiors?
    It could give some room to maneuver for both player and zombies

    • Chicken Ribs Combo permalink

      Originally I had planned to allow that but I’ve since put the idea aside as I believe there would be complications with AI Navigation, collision and frustrating scenarios of getting stuck or sandwiched.

      I can be convinced if there is a good enough argument but at the moment, no such feature is in the works.

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