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More Vehicles

August 3, 2014

Just dropping another update on the vehicles; this time with rigs and military trucks and a military jeep. All the vehicles so far may be missing some really minor details and some optimizations but that would be taken care of before I import them into the engine. I’ll probably be using a polygon reducer on these models since they’re static objects and don’t have any organic bendy parts that might deform improperly during animation!


So, I have a change in plans on how I am going to approach what to do next. Originally with Out Of Hell (UT2K4 Mod) I did most of my mapping before I did animations and importing. The problem with that method is that mapping can take a really long time to do and I got caught up in the mapping and neglected everything else. What I’m going to do this time is I am going to finish all the animations for the characters, creatures and weaponry. Once the animations are complete, I am going to import all those items into the engine and get that all working first before I start any mapping. I figure that this way, it would make testing how the map flows for gameplay much easier if I could have things to shoot and run from as I go along.

There is some unfortunate news in that the Artist (Julia Pishtar) that did the detail sculpting for some of the monster and character models up until this point is unable to do any more work for the next little while. I am unsure when she will be able to return to it so I will be doing that myself from now on. I am however, keeping the door open for any other Artist who may be interested. What I need is someone with experience in ZBrush or MudBox who would take a low/medium poly model I have created, sculpt in the fine details (for example: wrinkles, muscle tone) and then send me the Ambient Occlusion and Normal bakes for it. This would be a paid, work-for-hire contract and if this is something that interests  you, feel free to drop me a line through email (do not respond in this post) with a link to your portfolio or other examples of your work, a general price quote and we can talk!

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