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Crashed But Not Burning!

April 28, 2015

Hello Hello! This is just an update of sorts explaining what I’ve been up to! There is some news but some of it is bad.

I have actually been ‘Computerless’ for some time! I had two computers; one for Development and one for games/internet etc. The one I used for recreation suddenly died while I was in the middle of doing something. It crashed, I restarted, it entered into a rebooting loop and I couldn’t do anything else with it. It seemed to be the hard drive that went belly up but it didn’t matter since there was nothing of importance on it…except oodles and oodles of fantastic porn! *sad face*

About 3 days later my Development computer began making loud, whirring, grinding noises. It turned out the fans inside were caked in dust and fuzzy crap and I assumed that it was the cause (either that or some sort of Leprechaun haunting but those were wiped out in the 80’s…weren’t they?) So the next morning before work, I left it in the care of someone who was going to take it to their workplace (they had an industrial air compressor) to blow all the fuzzy crap (or Leprechauns) out of the PC.

That evening, it was given back to me looking spotless so I plugged everything in and turned it on and……Nothing. The motherboard lights weren’t coming on and no power was going into it. I tried fixing it but had no success. I gave up and that was that; two dead computers in a span of a few days.

I was able to take my hard drives someplace to get them checked out and the good news is that all the data is safe. I have extreme paranoia about losing my work (some of you will remember I’ve lost work in the past due to not backing up regularly) so I actually have multiple hard drives with all my current work on it. My only wish was that I had taken some screenshots of the work I was doing up until the crash to show you all. More weapons (including a new version of the original Silverman 9mm which is now a .45) and creatures were created since the last vehicle update.

The good news is that I am at least back online now. I got a really old computer that should allow me to do stuff online again though not powerful enough for Development (it is a Pentium 3 or something)

I will be getting a nice new system soon (i7, GeForce GTX 970, Leprechaun counter-measures) and I will be back to Developing so check back or join the mailing list!


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  1. Hey Lorenzo! At first I tried canned air but the crap was so coated on it just refused to come off! I didn’t totally take the computer apart so it was difficult getting into some places with the can. I think you are right about what happened, he may have static fried or disconnected something during the process.

    Lesson learned though and the new computer case I’ll be getting is this one:

    so it should be easier to get around inside it from now on. 🙂

  2. Lorenzo permalink

    Wow…. that is really bad. But I’m glad your data is safe!

    Sounds to me like the guy who took your computer possibly fried your parts with whatever he was using to clean out the computer.

    Also, tsk tsk for having too much dust on your fans in the other computer! (Though I know we probably all are lax on cleaning out our machines. I know I have been. I finally cleaned it out I guess a couple months ago now and it was pretty bad. Damn dust.)

    Just thought I’d mention how I’ve cleaned mine, in case you want another way to go about it… I wouldn’t let anyone clean it for you and I’d use a good old can of air. That’s what I did and it works fine. You just have to take the computer outside or in the garage or something to where it doesn’t get dust all over your house. And, wear face protection. That goes for mouth, nose and eyes.

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