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I’ve Been Busy!

September 19, 2015

I’ve got the rest of the weapons I had been working on before the crash ready to go and here they are!

Weapons - Set 4

I’m trying to make each weapon unique and different in the way that they are used/uprgaded/maintained so that we don’t have much redundancy. I’ve tried to avoid including weapons ‘just to have tons of weapons’ and so everything that’s been presented so far will differ from each other. For instance, something like the bat may be swung just like the crowbar but the crowbar will be slower and heavier, cost more stamina and can’t be upgraded. Whereas, the bat may be modified to include nails on the end, lighter to swing, cost less stamina but may eventually break. Another example is the Recurve Bow with arrows that can be reused provided you collect them after they are fired but ammunition is extremely rare and must be found or made!

Man, it is great having a good PC again and I didn’t realize how much I missed it! I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous the first night I sat down to work on the project again because I thought I would have forgotten my workflow (since I was away for so long) but it all came back almost instantly. I guess it’s the same thing as riding a bike; it just becomes muscle-memory! All the little shortcuts, the tricks and procedures…it was as if I never left!

The new computer has been very good to me and I haven’t run into any issues at all. It took a few days to get all my programs and data ready to go but so far it’s been smooth sailing! My next order of business is to finish off the rest of my character/monster models (just a handful left actually) and then I’ll jump onto UE4!

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  1. Josh Greenburg permalink

    Congrats on the new computer and progress, cant wait to see this flesh out!

  2. yoyobatty permalink

    Wow, looks really good :)!

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