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Why Is No One Renting?

December 30, 2019

A generous space for storing anything you want is only an extra $10 a month and yet, no one wants to go down there? I wonder why? 😳


All kidding aside, the layouts for the Apartment storage area are complete. All of the cages are empty for the time being but rest assured they will be filled with all sorts of junk that you can rummage through. Items will be randomly generated each time so you may find nothing or you may find tools, weapons or even old stashes of dirty, DIRTY 60’s porn! πŸ˜†

As I was building this storage area it started to look more and more like a sewer. In keeping with the visual consistency of the underground parking lot, I needed this place to look wet, dank and cold. I went back to the old OoH 2009 map and found the solution! I added in some wooden slats between the cages and also the framework along the walls for insulation and voila! It broke up the monotony and the little bit of color instantly transformed this environment!

I felt bad teasing a chainsaw in one of the cages in OoH 2009 without ever letting the player get a hold of it. I can’t remember exactly why I left it out in the end product but it may have had to do with animation problems. I think I couldn’t get the chain to move convincingly enough. I also left out other weapons like the bat, shovel and sword because of redundancy but that will all change this time around. Weapons will serve different functions and with the random nature of weapon spawns, I can afford to include more types!


I’m going to take a break from underground stuff now and move onto the forested areas next! I actually find it’s a good idea to switch to a different type of environment after a map is done. Otherwise I start getting tunnel-vision and things start to look the same…the office building map starts to look a lot like the police station map which looks like the apartment map and…well, you get the idea. If I started on the sewers next and then more hell levels, they would all start to look and feel similar in the end. Changing scenery keeps all scenery fresh!

Hope you enjoy this small update! Have a good one and I will see you all in the New Year!

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  1. Ken permalink

    Great to see you are still plugging away!

  2. MadLad permalink

    Ah, the rust and the grime.
    It’s like I’m back home again, when videogames were actually made by enthusiasts with little to no meddling by publishers and industrial was still playing on the radio.


  3. β€” Happy New Year!

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