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A Day At The Lake!

February 27, 2020

Just a small update here to show a bit more progress on Laughlin Lake! I’m quite happy with how it is working out, especially the framerate which remains high no matter what is in view (you probably didn’t notice while playing it but the framerate in the OoH mod was not that great! *wink wink*)

I really don’t know how things work under the hood but UE4 is doing a damn good job of keeping things running smooth. I also try to keep things simple on my end with low-poly assets, keeping texture sizes small and using what few tricks I know to give the illusion of something more complex! šŸ˜‰

Once I get enough content to put together a proper trailer then you’ll be able to see it in motion. It looks quite beautiful with movement but for now we’ll have to stick to screens.

Below are a couple of evening shots:


And then a few shots at night. Imagine being chased by Manipulators through these woods! As creepy as it all looks at night, you still won’t want to get dragged into Hell, which in all honesty may happen quite often! šŸ˜›

Eventually I would like to give the flashlight a subtle beam effect. We’ll see how that goes later.


Early morning. A perfect time to head down to the beach and wash your soiled underpants:


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  1. MadLad permalink

    Any way to implement/replicate the great particle and wind effects you had the in the mod?
    Or is it too taxing?
    Great terrain detail by the way, the modeling an textures are spot on with the only visual glaring thing being the poorly textured cliffs in the distance in one of the last pictures, but that’s likely due to them still being worked on.
    The vegetation is also looking great, just enough noise to not look either barren or too overwhelming.

    Great Autumnal vibes, all it’s lacking now is some leftover camping gear, some chainlink fences and some fog.

    • C+R permalink

      I haven’t touched on any particles yet but I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to replicate or even surpass the effects I used before! More tools and options this time around to make them look better too. šŸ™‚

      • MadLad permalink

        I’m eager to see what you can put out on that department with new tech

  2. Dragontear permalink

    Oh beautiful. =D
    I love the woodland images here, I remember watching a let’s play of the old UT04 mod, looked really good and the atmosphere was spooky, and really look forward to seeing more for this! Bless you for working so hard!

    I’ve love to see more forest-trails that wind about, you mentioned some procedural generation – maybe some tiny generated landmarks such as old small cottages, sheds and misc features?

    • Thanks Dragontear! Cabins, tents, searchable vehicles, campsites etc. All may randomly appear. šŸ™‚

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