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Hammering Away!

April 4, 2020

I’ve been taking advantage of this time off work and have been hammering away at the project every day. This is the absolute biggest map I’ve ever attempted and it’s way farther along than the UDK version that I worked on so long ago.


Just comparing what is visually possible now in UE4 compared to the UDK years ago is astounding. Just thinking, if I had completed Out Of Hell(UDK)/Infernal Dead/Daemonicon back then, it still would not have been the game that I had truly set out to build. As you all know I had a ton of problems with the UDK and I would have had to just make due or settle on taking out a lot of features. As with the mod version of Out Of Hell, I would have completed another linear single-player game but deep down I would not have been truly satisfied. If I had released this for the UDK and then seen what was capable with UE4 now, I’d have been way too tempted to remake it again!

Because of the power of UE4, the fact that there is a Marketplace where assets/blueprints can be purchased if needed and tutorials on anything (I mean ANYTHING you want to do) your imagination is the limit on making the game you always dreamed of.

I’m still going at it and I have some really unique ideas that you really haven’t seen in a horror game before. I promise this game will terrify you (which is why I’m so secretive about some of the details) so hang in there guys! I’ll see you next time!

EDIT: I was just playing around with some LUT’s and a few of them actually make the scenery pretty stylized! I’m already going for a very contrasted look but these other LUT’s kick it up a level! Which do you like? Let me know in the comments! (Maybe I can just include all of them later and let you decide in the Options menu with “Original” being the default?)


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  1. Dragontear permalink

    I check more frequently than necessary, can’t say otherwise. XD Looks grand, I know any playable build is quite far away, but it’s quite exciting nonetheless to see progress.

    The trailer in the first screenshot looks cool, I do wonder given the more ‘open’ nature of this game if you can alter the surroundings somehow? Such as boarding up weak-points like doors and windows in a building, or breaking into buildings through those doors and windows.

    The various LUT variant-images all look good, I think I prefer the last version, however they all seem like they could be based on current weather patterns, like cloud-cover reducing contrast, or fog making everything look a bit ‘washed out’.

    It could also be based on distance; Areas closer have more contrast in light and colour, more distant areas are less contrasting? Time of day could have a similar effect; day is more vivid, night is washed out. Or even locations could subtly alter your view for different ‘moods’.

    Forgive the rambling. XD I’m curious to your thoughts sir, and hope you’re keeping well in these trying times.

    • C+R permalink

      Not at all, post whatever is on your mind!

      I know this isn’t what you meant with your question but just to clear it up for everyone else, you can’t alter the surroundings in terms of destructibility such as chopping trees, burning grass, breaking windows etc. I know the tech is there but it isn’t something I think the game needs (for now anyway)


      You CAN board up rooms/sheds/windows as you stated. One of the features that I had implemented but dropped in the Mod version was “Safe Rooms” (some of the old fans would remember that) So now, multiple safe rooms can pop up in any level and must be secured before they become available for use. This would encourage exploration to find supplies to build temporary barricades. Once a safe room has been secured it can be used for the duration of the level but building supplies being limited means that you have to choose your safe rooms wisely (you may need to backtrack a great distance to it in an emergency) This should help fuel some dread when the sun begins to set and you are still out in the middle of nowhere and have to start hiking back.

      Safe rooms become more secure the more work you put into them. If you max it out, it is impenetrable and you can use it to rest/sleep to pass the time and regain some stats. If it is not entirely secure and was just a quick barricade, there is a chance the barricade can be destroyed and then you’ll be at the mercy of whatever abomination is tracking you.

      Now, don’t view this as the same type of game as the Mod version. It is a very slow-burn game with less encounters but more dangerous adversaries. What I hope to do is instill a feeling of hopelessness of the unknown when the sun sets and a feeling of relief and freedom when the first rays of the sun peak over the horizon. Watch the X-Files episode called “Darkness Falls” and you’ll see where I am trying to go with this. 🙂

      Also I want to mention (I think I mentioned too much already but what the heck) that this won’t have a “Survivor has to make his way out of a town infested with hordes of the living dead” feeling to it. You won’t be barricading the rooms to keep out mobs of zombies but you’ll be using tthe rooms to hide from something much worse. It’s a completely different feeling now.

  2. Josh Greenburg permalink

    Really loving the volumetric fog in the woods. You being secretive about details and posting all these woodland areas makes me think these trees are going to chase me at some point.

    • Thanks! I had to turn to volumetric fog for the God-rays since normal light shafts have a strange flickering issue with them. As they move through the leaves, they give off a laser-like effect, shooting in all directions. It’s ugly!

      With the volumetric fog though, the rays remain smooth and consistent as the sun moves through the trees. Plus, it also does wonders for the illusion of depth!

      Man, always little problems cropping up but always new solutions. 🙂 I learn something new every day.

  3. MadLad permalink

    Well, if there’s anyone that can take inspiration for his game with this pandemic it’s you
    Stay safe

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