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Old Grinny Appears!

February 25, 2021

It’s nice to be above ground again! I’ve got an update for the Inlet (the name is a bit misleading since it’s a reimagining of 3 different maps from the original) Its about halfway done and still needs some fleshing out but I think it does an alright job of conveying the mood so far! I worked really hard to give each location its own “feel” which is in itself a separate challenge. For this, I played around with the overall color scheme by using different types of trees that had more vibrant autumn leaves. Even though I used some of the same assets from the Laughlin Lake map, this area feels totally different.

If anyone remembers the Grinwood Tree and playground from the mod, you’ll know exactly where this is supposed to be! I fixed the nonsensical designs of that old map, expanded upon it and incorporated other maps into this.

Speaking of the Grinwood Tree, I swear to you that this is a completely true story. When I made this tree in SpeedTree, I needed to add a face to it (to live up to its name, -GRIN-wood) like in the original Out Of Hell mod:

I was trying to figure out a way to do this because it’s not possible to model such a thing inside of SpeedTree itself (SpeedTree generates random trees based upon user settings but as far as I know, there isn’t a “Generate a goddamn scary human face on your tree” setting)

So I was brainstorming and just screwing around with my time of day system when all of a sudden a F*CKING FACE ACTUALLY APPEARED!!! Look!

Isn’t that just…weird?! It was fortunate, awesome and creepy all at the same time! At least now I don’t have to waste time hand-modelling a different tree and carving a face into it!

I also included a couple of screens with some familiar lore from the mod (I did change it up a little bit so that it didn’t seem as though a kid wrote it)

I do plan to have all notes/logs and such displayed the way they do in games like Silent Hill but in some cases like this, the text is large enough to be read as is (if you want)

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  1. Dragontear permalink

    I do like how subtle the ‘face’ is – the sign is correct when it says ‘you can see the grin at certain times of the day.

    Looking very good!

  2. maladite permalink

    The face of pure evil.

  3. MadLad permalink

    Either too subtle or I’m retarded
    Could be both though

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