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March 14, 2021

Just a quick, small update since I’ve wrapped this location up. Here are some shots of the truck area and nearby surroundings. I’ve been blessed with a seemingly limitless supply of energy and motivation lately so I’m just flying through these maps! There is less than a handful of locations to go and I estimate that I’ll be done all the maps (if I keep this pace up) in about 2-3 months. Mapping (and what comes with it such as modeling and texturing props as I need them) is the most time-consuming in my opinion.

Here is a roadmap of what is left after the maps. If you don’t see something on this list, it’s because it’s already done:

Animations (Npc, enemy, cutscenes, First-person weapon and interactions)

Importing (Npc, enemy, weapons) and coding the behaviour

Implementation and testing of various player mechanics

Detailing phase of maps, implementing sound and notes/items/spawns/2D Art

Optimization of assets and code

What is left isn’t all too difficult for me (you can thank YPAPS-G for the massive experience and confidence boost) but I haven’t done any solid keyframing in a loooong time so I’ll be a bit rusty. I’ll look into a couple of options suchs as motion capture with an app or even using Mixamo animations to save some time but I’ll see when I get there.

Everything in the roadmap including the entire Steam process is now just a straightforward thing to me. After all these years, I think I’m finally in range. This is the first time I’ve ever mentioned anything on this site in regards to Out Of Hell UE4 but I am starting to think that a Halloween 2022 date is very plausible (including beta testing)

I’ve got my eye on the prize and let’s hope that nothing prevents me from achieving this goal!


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  1. maladite permalink

    Those graphics are hectic. I’m gonna pull the most wickedest all nighter when this game drops.

  2. MadLad permalink

    As atmospheric as always! Great job!
    Enemy behavior and balancing might be somewhat hard to achieve in these bigger more open ended maps, no?

    • C+R permalink

      I’ve got a pretty clever workaround for that! If I tell you the workaround you’ll be able to piece it together pretty quick and that will spoil everything. 😉

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