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Just A Few Quick Screens!

October 26, 2022

This is the second day of my time off and I just wanted to post a little screenshot update! These are all screens from a section of the the police station and some of you might recognize these places! I’ve expanded on them and given the areas a more realistic layout this time.

You’ll also notice that there are lights in all these images. Normally, it would be pitch black in most places in the city (it’s explained in the story why) and you’ll have to stumble through using your fairly weak flashlight but in this level you have the option of finding and starting up a generator which restores power to the station.

Of course you’ll have to complete a series of objectives to do so but it makes life a little easier in the long run if you do. However, you don’t even have to do that at all and can just run through with your flashlight if you wish! I’ve structured the game in a way that allows you to play any map in any order you like and you can spend as little or as long a time as you want.

The game ultimately rewards exploration and conserving supplies because the final level will be a…well, you’ll find out soon enough! 😉

From → Out Of Hell

  1. “…you have the option of finding and starting up a generator which restores power to the station.”

    — Goddammit, this feature should have been introduced in Resident Evil 2: Remake!

  2. MadLad permalink

    Looks just as I remember, just with less grime. Still pretty grimy though
    Will it have that infamous room?

  3. Predator permalink

    so many vehicles… i hope they don’t just stand around like in the original. maybe you can add surprises? like a zombie or monster emerging from the door, hood or under the vehicle. A whole load of zombie soldiers onto a truck covered with a tarpaulin… just like that, without warning. sometimes you can hear a suspicious scratching, moaning or thumping. or recognize a silhouette. the same can apply to initially closed doors with or without glass, which are then suddenly broken through…would also be nice to examine the vehicles for useful things and also to find ammo or healing from time to time. or other useful things or sometimes infos about the passengers or the demon tragic story.

    i hope the game will be integrated into a steam workshop… hopefully we can also jump onto the vehicles etc.. the monsters could yeah, like climbing up in l4d… it all looks pretty good. regards

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