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The Blood Marshes!

November 12, 2022

A very small update but I am moving at a pretty crazy speed. This is one of the earliest maps (which I bet no one remembers) I partially made for UT2003:

It was supposed to be the “Hell” version of an environment I had in my head that I just couldn’t realize properly. Looking back at those screens, it’s hard to imagine where I was trying to take it. Here is what I was wanting to do!

Everything is murky and difficult to identify but that’s deliberate. For more context, I was going to accompany these images with a video (hence why there aren’t many images) but then decided after the video was compiled that it would be best if you experienced it yourself later. There are some pretty vomit-inducing things in it so I don’t want to have you accustomed to seeing too many of these things now.

The layout may look familiar to the “Outskirts” map I showed in the last update because you get to this place through there. It’s not quite complete yet (still adding details and bug-testing) but I tried to play with the idea of which place being worse to be in; a derelict (but familiar) city crawling with the undead or a strange, unknown hellish landscape…also crawling with the undead!!!!! XD

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  1. MadLad permalink

    The UT2003 map kind of reminds me of some Painkiller maps, while the Blood Marshes remind me of Wyre Forest from Killing Floor or the T800 gamemode from Terminator Resistance.

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