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Into Hell?

May 2, 2019

Hello guys! Unfortunately I don’t have any screens to show off this time; I just wanted to drop everyone a line so that you know I’m still here!

The last few months have been…intensive with this game, to say the least. I’ve been doing a lot of work under the hood and behind the scenes. Much of the work is with the framework of the game itself, which is why I can’t really show anything.

Some time ago I bought a framework off Marketplace which had all the bells and whistles; picking up items, movement, sprinting, health system, door physics etc. While it is a great system, I ran into some issues and bugs that I couldn’t fix. I thought that this would be a pain down the road if anyone else played the game and ran across bugs; I’d have to constantly try contacting the author of this framework to get these issues resolved. I decided to just build my own from the bottom up and that way, I would know what went into the Blueprints and thus could have an easier time troubleshooting.

I’ve been training through tutorial after tutorial for the last few months and I have some pretty neat things happening now: Full movement, jump, sprinting with stamina drain, panting/breathing, health and damage, flashlight, picking up items, examining items and notes etc.

This game is going to incorporate almost all of the gameplay ideas I had for Daemonicon with some of the themes and story elements of Out Of Hell. It is going to be a unique beast for sure!

Speaking of Out Of Hell, I am thinking of changing the name of this game (yes, AGAIN) This is mainly to avoid any confusion with the 2009 Out Of Hell mod and besides, this IS a different game at its core anyway. I was thinking “Into Hell” would be enough to differentiate it yet still have that spiritual successor sort of feel to it? Let me know what you guys think in the comments! Until next time, rest assured I’ve got my eye on the prize.

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  1. samson price permalink

    I’ve been visiting here for updates since 2010. Glad to see progress is still being made with the game. Thanks for sticking with it for so long. After Hell maybe?

    • c+r permalink

      “Out Of Hell” still works. It’s just that the game is laid out way differently this time in that you are thrust into Hell quite frequently so I thought that would have been just a little more appropriate. 🙂

  2. MadLad permalink
    Regarding this rant that’s been true for over a decade now for videogames, have you tried out the S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Siren series?

    Moody atmospheric and with some great mechanics.

    • You better believe it! The only STALKER game I haven’t played yet is Clearsky. I found CoP in the bargain bin like 8 years ago. I still have the disc and original box somewhere around here! The atmosphere was just fantastic in that game. Lonely, desperate…and the music too. The whole package was just an amazing experience. I haven’t played anything quite like STALKER since.

      And Siren was a great horror game. Super oppressive, mysterious and totally unique in its mood. I love how they mesh the regenerating health for the player and Shibito into the story (the cause being the red rain/waters) I had the original Siren for the PS2 and also Blood Curse for the PS3 which was also good but…I preferred the original. The original Siren was done by the same guy who did Silent Hill 1 I think, which is my favourite of the series. You can tell that the styles are very similar.

      I’ve forgotten what the name of the map is but in OoH right before you get to the park and industrial area (the map has a car dealership, it’s overcast and theres those triangle things hanging from ropes across the street) there’s a little homage to Siren and Blood Curse!

      • Madlad permalink

        I still remember seeing the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl trailers in 2003-2005 and being mystified by it’s atmosphere, found it second hand soon after it’s release in 2007, it’s probably my favorite game of all time despite some half baked mechanics. It really is a unique experience mixing many aspects of slavic culture in this oppressive and alien world that tries it’s best to immerse you.
        I’ve yet to play Siren but I’ve heard great things about it, I should try to emulate it one of these days, and yeah, after Team Silent was disbanded by Konami they created a new team, Project Siren, struck a deal with Sony and were bought out by them and made Siren
        Pretty much the same core people.

        Regarding the easter egg, I believe I saw the board but didn’t read what it said, unfortunately the performance made me rush some parts of the mod as they go into the single digits sometimes, a real shame
        Despite being 10 years old and made on a 17 year old engine Out of Hell still looks amazing to this day.

        Quick question: Would you still be allowed to use Justin Lassens tracks and would you be willing to use it on your latest project?
        They really fit like a glove to the world you created, my personal favorites are Mictlan, Metnal and Jahannam

  3. noirone permalink

    sounds good man, I loved out of hell, such a good experience. Game dev is a crazy feat, so much to know and do, so many ups and downs. Best of luck with the project. Through Hell, Wake of Hell…

    • C+R permalink

      You know, I just gotta say THANK YOU to all of you. I recognize you, Noirone, from way back in the day. Recently, a couple of other familiar faces from the past have emailed me just to say hello and I’m really grateful you guys have stuck with me through the thick and the thin after ALL THIS TIME! I won’t let you guys down. 🙂

  4. jaibioux permalink

    Into Hell seems fitting. As long this gets finished. Goodluck mate!

  5. Hmmm…in that case, how about “The Fantastical Adventures Of Donnie in Hell”?

  6. Илья Власов permalink

    “Out of Hell” sounds way better then “Into Hell” though…
    How about “Long Way Out Of Hell”? Pun intended, obviously.

  7. — No, God, please, no! NO! NOOOO!!! Seriously, “Out of Hell” and “Out of Hell 2009” more than enough to avoid any confusions.

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