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Autumn Scenery!

September 14, 2019

My absolute favorite season is here! I love everything about the Autumn; the colors of the leaves, the sounds, the grey sky on overcast days or the deep blue on clear afternoons. The smell of that chilly air first thing in the morning and the way the fog just clings to everything! Black coffee, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, nutmeg…man, I just love this time of year! With Halloween around the corner, that Occult-vibe really keeps me inspired during these months too. It’s no coincedence the setting of Out Of Hell takes place during the Autumn!

So I’ve finished up the Outskirts map and am hopping onto some Hell levels next. I initially had some areas fleshed out but looking at them now they just seem boring to me. It all looked like the classical vision of Hell with caverns, red sky, fire etc. The direction I’m taking it now will be much more…macabre. The archetecture/environment will probably appear nonsensical because I don’t want to be limited by…I guess rules of the physical world if that makes any sense. When we have nightmares we never stop and think about why things are the way they are inside the nightmare. The only thing that matters is the fear and I’m going to try to instill that in people.


If you check out the screen just above, there is a lot going on. With a little trickery I was able to get just a ton of grass and vegetation in there. Lighting and shadowing is all dynamic, everything reacts to the wind and despite the amount that’s onscreen, I think the framerate is not too bad! (Hey, still runs better than the OoH 2009 Mod ;p ) I also have a middle-of-the-road to lower end PC now so I’m sure more modern systems will run this with no problems. Eventually I’ll revisit this and all the other maps to do some tweaking and a couple more visual passes but for now, it’s done and I’m moving on!

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  1. Quality work as always, man! Ambient wind noise – a sense of isolation and vulnerability would seem essential in such a setting. Perhaps have some birds fly up suddenly from a low clump of bushes. Autumn-feeling blues.

  2. MadLad permalink

    Excellent atmosphere, great artistic design, despite looking like a normal place it feels really surreal.
    Doesn’t feel like a couple of random assets thrown together like level art design in many other games.

    That hill at the distance really does it for me, reminds me of home.

  3. NinjaPotato permalink

    Looks amazing! The first time I played the original OOH was in Autumn. It’s my favorite season for apocalyptic/survival games/movies. You really nailed the lighting, very atmospheric 🙂

  4. Josh Greenburg permalink

    Wow! Thats looking really good for a large outdoor area. I’m interested to see how the hell environment looks. Also I can’t wait to use the OOH-Toilet

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