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Hang Tight!

November 26, 2020

Of course this would happen. Everything is set up, ready to go, I move the mouse cursor over to package the game for Windows aaaaaand…..Error! Visual Studio 2017 not detected!

For the love of crumbcake!

I spent up until last night trying to tie up the loose ends for the Steam Leaderboard and it was just not working out the way I needed. Technically, the Highscores do upload to the Leaderboard and I can retrieve the score but I’m not able to retrieve anyone else’s score. The options made available in Blueprints only allows retrieval of the local player’s score which renders the entire feature pointless. I can only see the scores people have uploaded when I’m in the Steam Admin panel but nowhere else. So I removed it.

The good news is that Achievements work perfectly. There is a total of 30 and I even wrote some code so that you can earn them even when you are playing offline and the information would be uploaded the next time you logged into the game with your Steam account. Very nice!

So this morning I got up, went through all the preliminary steps of packaging a game (made splash graphics, icons, filled out information etc) and when I went to package it all, UE spits out an error that it needs Visual Studio 2017! I never got this error before when I packaged the game for testing and I think the problem is that I am using the Steam Subsystem plugin now and that requires VS2017 to compile it properly.

So I spent all day trying to download VS2017 and depending on which method I use it either 1: Hangs indefinitely at the install screen, 2: Says it’s installing and just shuts off completely or 3: Says I’m not connected to the internet.

I am SO CLOSE but the Universe just says “NOPE! NOT TODAY BRO!

The only thing left to do is a complete fresh install of Windows (I’ve read that this worked for some people because of leftover registration keys that muck everything up or something) so I’m going to pull an all-nighter and back everything up. Hopefully by tomorrow morning, things will work out a little smoother. I haven’t formatted my PC since I got it in 2015!

All I have left to do is to literally fill out a couple of forms for Epic, package the game and hit the UPLOAD button onto Steam.

I’ll be sure to detail all of this in the Development Journal a month after release with hopes that it may help others have a better experience! See you…tomorrow..?

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