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November 27, 2020

UPDATE: GAME HAS GONE GOLD! Once the Steam page has been reviewed and approved I’ll post the link!

I have some fantastic news! I formatted my system, did a fresh reinstall and that fixed all of the installation problems I had. I’ve been using the same setup since the day I got this PC back in 2015! (man, it feels like a lifetime ago)

I had been meaning to format it all these years but I kept putting it off until I was basically forced to do it yesterday (motivation by neccessity) It seems that there was some sort of problem with my Windows Updates and that was causing all sorts of issues. After I reinstalled Windows, I got all the basics up and running and successfully got Visual Studio 2017 working right away. I did a test packaging of the game and it went off without a hitch.

After that I thought “You know, I wonder if that Epicleaderboard plugin ( that I couldn’t get working before could work now? Just for shits and giggles, let’s see.” and so I gave it another try and…IT WORKED! You need to understand that after going through weeks of hell trying to finish this thing and hitting obstacle after obstacle and then finally feeling the relief and joy of it all coming together…it is un-f***ing-believable!!!

So here’s a list of what is in this package:

Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, 10 Characters total (1 needs to be unlocked) 4 Levels spanning 84 tiles, butt-loads of shooting action and just a ton of weird, nonsensical humor that may actually make you question my sanity!

The page goes up later on today (I’ll update this post) and the release date is December 11/2020 (there’s a 2 week waiting period for Steam submissions)

Oh man, WHAT A RIDE! But now for some sleep because…

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  1. Thanks guys! It was the fastest I’ve ever fallen asleep in my life! 🙂

  2. joshgreenburg permalink

    Congrats man!

  3. MadLad permalink

    Clear head sleep is the best one, enjoy it while it lasts man

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