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Eww! Slimy!

January 15, 2021

Hello all! Just a bite-sized update today but I’ve got some screens of the Sewer level for you! I’m just putting in the finishing touches and details before I head into the Maintenance Tunnel level. Layout-wise, this was a really simple map and took me about 2 days to complete. I used the original OoH map as reference but I got rid of all the nonsensical architecture from it. This makes it appear less busy and a bit “plain” in comparison but that’s the point. It’s a sewer so it’s technically just a series of tunnels and corridors anyway! Any fans who played through the mod should recognize this area in the screenshots!

Speaking of which, these two actually remind me a lot of Silent Hill 4. I think it’s all the concrete and lighting that does it for me. I always liked the art style of that game the most in the series but this resemblance was completely unintentional.

While running through these tunnels (even without the sounds incorporated) I actually get some goosebumps which is a good sign! If it creeps me out and I know where everything is, hopefully it’ll be so much more scary for you!

After the Maintenance Tunnel map is done, all that remains is the Industrial Area, Meatplant, North Chester (the area around a certain Gunstore and Bookstore), the Slums and the final Hell level. Many of the maps from the mod have been merged into the levels described above (for instance, The Inlet is now part of the Industrial Area) because UE4 can handle huge swaths of terrain. Laughlin Lake is a good example:

Those are all the main story levels and everything else inbetween is a smaller, randomly generated play area.

I would just like to reiterate that this plays almost nothing like the linear mod version. It really is a different experience (more in line with what I originally wanted to make) and is an overall shorter game only because it was designed for multiple playthroughs.

After the maps are complete, I’ll get the monsters and weapons into the game and things will really heat up!

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  1. The earthquakes don’t play any part in this version. It’s more of an “everyone disappears overnight” sort of atmosphere and if you’ve ever seen the movie “Phantoms” then you’ll know exactly the feeling I’m going for!

    As for the flow and smoothness of navigation, that was a thing I always kept in the forefront of my mind. You shouldn’t be put in a position where you’ll get stuck or hampered by collision this time (at least, not very much)

    • Madlad permalink

      Aye, thanks for clarifying

  2. MadLad permalink

    Considering the earthquakes (I’m assuming they’re still a part of this version Out of Hell but I can be wrong), the clutter/metal beams from cave ins and people fleeing there kinda made sense.
    The big issue in the mod is that it many times had collision issues that would make some sections extremely frustrating to navigate.

    Some cave ins/metal beams/clutter wouldn’t be an issue in 1 or 2 rooms and would add to worldbuilding and level variety, though I don’t know how feasible it is with UE4 or your tools.

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