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Oh, It’s Sooo Dirty!

January 28, 2021

I’m back with 2 videos of the Sewer level! The first video has audio to show you how I want to approach the soundtrack this time around. I bought this track a long time ago (originally it was going to be used for the first OoH) but I ended up not using it then so now I’ve included it with the visuals to give you an idea of where I’m going with the ambience.

These will be used for all the Hell levels and any other suitable settings to ramp up the creepiness factor. I’ll use them sparingly (if needed) during the daytime outdoor levels because I don’t want it drowning out the environmental sounds like the wind, rustling leaves, rain, thunderstorms etc. I think that’s an important factor to sell the feeling of desolation. It was always my intention to take this route for the audio as far back as the UDK project.

I hope that any old fans that see this can recognize some of the layout! Now that it’s all suitably “grimed up” I’ll be heading into the Maintenance Tunnel level!

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  1. Phade permalink

    its been years since I was last here and I’m glad your still working on the new game. Out of hell still one of the best horror pieces I ever played. I was waiting for you to release out of hell ut2k4 mod back then. Always checking up for updates I still remember the demo where you start off from the bus. These videos took me back in time , Out of hell is one of the only games that gives you a on the edge feeling the whole time.

    • Thank you for checking back in! I always love hearing from fans that have followed this project from the mod days! I hope you drop by often as I’ve been more frequent in my updating. I had a realization of sorts in 2019 which made me…rethink and restructure things in regards to my life.

      Like most people I’m guilty of thinking that we’ll all be around forever and because of that I let time slip away. If something were to happen to me and I couldn’t release this vision of mine to those who have stuck by me for so long it would be a very sad and unfortunate thing. I believe I have something to offer and there are ideas and horrors in this project that have not been seen in a videogame before.

      It’s because of this realization that I quadrupled my efforts to get this project done. With each update I get more excited and more antsy and that further fuels and motivates me. When this project hits a certain point in about 6 or 7 months time, you’ll see the momentum reach some very high levels.

      If you thought that the mod kept you on edge, you will absolutely freak at what you’ll go through this time!

      Thanks again for dropping by. Don’t be a stranger! 🙂

  2. Dragontear permalink

    Looks really good! Does look suitably neglected, grimy and unwelcoming.

  3. MadLad permalink

    Absolutely nailed the atmosphere
    Very nice!

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