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What’s On The Menu?

July 7, 2021

The main menu and almost everything attached to it is complete! There were a few challenges to overcome underneath the hood but I’ve got all the features working properly and bug-free! You can check it out right here:

I tried to have the camera crossfade with another camera but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it but the fading to black does the job. And for some reason the mouse cursor doesn’t show, even though I set the option in OBS to record the cursor! *headscratch*

This is only the second time I’ve teased some glimpses of “Hell” and the next time I’ll show it is when the trailer hits. I really do not want to spoil much but sometimes I can’t contain my excitement. Just know that the Hell(s) that you’ll come across are really, really messed up!

I have an odd fascination with different types of “environmental horror” I guess you would call it? As scary as it can be being chased through a dimly lit forest by blood-thirsty monsters, or exploring a dilapidated sewer surrounded by shadows, how much scarier would it be to be stalked through an undescribable hellish nightmare realm by demonic entities? *shudder*

Now it’s onto the intro movie and tutorial level!

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  1. yoyobatty permalink

    That honestly looks amazing dude! I can tell you worked really hard on this, I’ll be showing some people I know and see if they have any feedback on it, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.

    • Thank you man! Just you wait until I reveal what the Manipulators look like this time around. 😉 I remember you were quite a fan of them!

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