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Trucking Along!

July 22, 2021

Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop a small status update!

I ended up making some audio changes to the menu screen, made a few other tweaks to it and completed the tutorial level (I hate describing it that way but can’t think of anything better to call it)

It all turned out pretty good and I spent a week and a half just tweaking, crafting specific parts to it and finding and eliminating bugs. It’s much, much better than the first couple of levels in the original mod and nowhere near as confusing to navigate! Lessons learned!

I’ve also been making some voice recordings on my phone for placeholding purposes but they actually turned out really good after I cleaned them up in Audacity! When testing comes and no one says that the voices sound like muffled farts, I may just keep them in! It saves me a ton of money renting out a recording room for an afternoon.

I was also checking out for some voice talent (I don’t need much but what I do need is very specific) but so far I haven’t gotten any responses to my queries (which seems strange)

Technically, I have enough to release a small demo right now that would establish the art direction, quality, atmosphere I’m trying to capture and the kind of gameplay you can expect but I don’t know if I should. I think it’s still too far away from the final release so I may hold off. Even the tutorial level will shock a few people with some of its content but if you see any of it now, I’m afraid it will have lost it’s magic when this releases next year. I’ve made a concerted effort to terrify players this time because in my opinion, though the mod had its creepiness in places, it wasn’t actually scary.

I’m just in this weird situation where I’m so damn giddy that I want to show off what’s been done but I also don’t want to spoil anything! Aaarrggh!

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  1. Predator permalink

    I’m really excited about that ;-). In some interiors you could install sprinkler systems and if the player opts to use firearms instead of melee weapons, these could be activated, rendering the indoor salt unusable and increasing the value of melee weapons. Or there are long-range weapons that do not cause smoke such as bows or little smoke through smaller caliber, a harpoon, crossbow without explosive ammunition etc … Perhaps you can also manufacture and specify your ammunition yourself. Against zombies with rock salt ammunition or something to add more damage to them with few hits.

  2. Predator permalink

    At fist thank you for your reply!
    And with the salt, i have a idea. Maybe you can add a possibility to make a saltline with a limited ammount of salt (because it is heavy to carry) and then donovan can strategic block some sort hords of undead for a time. Some undead can walkthroug and other cant do it. some kind of zombies can vomit over these saltlines and clean them or when many zombies stand at the line and the player kill some they blood runs over the saltline and flushes the line away. And much undead driping some blood for a time when they stands at the line the line washes away, cause zombies have much wounds. In exteriors the rain can wahses the saltline anytime away anyway. Tell me what you think, mr. C+R?

    • C+R permalink

      The salt has a more interesting use tthis time than in the original! šŸ˜‰

  3. Predator permalink

    Will you add a magical system like Parasite Eve 2 or Prey in this game? Cause this is a demonical scenario. Maybe with the tarot cards can Donovan learn some different mystical power and cool light and sound effects… I played your first Out of Hell often from start till end and i like it. But more special skills to expand would be nice. I like the idea from your first game with the salt as a zombie barrier. I am very excited about your new game in the Out of Hell world and I really like what you have done so far. Maybe you can add some special sounds in the main menue like footsteps and a gruesome groaning. A shadow that suddenly disappears in the dark behind Donovon… Good luck with your game and i’m already looking forward to it.

    • C+R permalink

      Thanks for your kind words! There are no plans to add a magical “system” but you do collect magical artifacts that grant passive perks/abilities.

  4. MadLad permalink

    I think the issue with the first area of the mod were too many dead ends and complete lack of sound cues, like a laugh or some whispering by the looters that could guide you to the location you needed to get to.

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