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Massive Pic Dump!

March 27, 2022

Happy Spring everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted actual pictures! I had gotten so used to just uploading videos that I overlooked the importance of actual image updates. So to make up for it, here you go!

Though I’m currently cleaning up a different map, I thought I’d post some pictures from a fairly recent one I completed (this was part of the latest demo I sent to the testers) I spent quite some time trying to nail the “after rain” autumn look and I’m happy to report the testers love the atmosphere of it.

I intentionally made it so that the player spends a bit of time soaking up the ambience while I slowly ratchet up the tension. It’s a slow-burn dread and I tried my best to craft certain scenarios that would achieve this. I’ve been carrying these ideas and scenarios around in my head since 2013 and to now finally be able to see it all in action is a huge joy and relief for me.

I will definitely need to extend the time until release (originally supposed to be in 7 months! Where does the time go!?) but I am still working and pressuring myself as if release is still this Halloween. We’ll see how much extra time I’ll need when we get there.

It’s coming together nicely and I think it’s going to turn into something really unique and really special. Hang in there friends, it’s almost the home stretch!

From → Out Of Hell

  1. MadLad permalink

    Looking amazing! Fantastic job
    That pigshark head made me question if we’ll see the return of that infamous underground car park room in the police station.

  2. Looking fantastic. Keep up the good work – can’t wait to play it!

  3. Josh Greenburg permalink

    Fantastic work! Nice to see all of the previous UE4 lessons learned culminate together into what you have now.

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