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Putting the “Hell” in Out Of Hell!

April 20, 2022

Something that I wanted to explore but couldn’t in the original mod (because of lack of skill, really) was the “Hell” realm that was only touched upon in the game lore. You could see the style I was going for in the title screen of the unpatched version and the “Meatplant” levels. The mod was supposed to be different in so many ways but due to limitations I had to settle on what was finally released.

It was unfortunate that I was unable to elborate on that but this remake/reboot/redo/reimagining/whatever is very close to my original idea, the original intent. You’ll now have to make your way through the many different hellish realms and deal with the things that reside there as well as the creatures that plague the city!

It’s a very different thought process when working on these kinds of nightmarish visuals. I’m really not confined by the same logic as when I’m working on the more grounded “normal” reality-based levels because nightmares are not bound by rules, just the feeling of horror.

You won’t see this level of unapologetic gore in many games these days, I guarantee!

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  1. C+R permalink

    Oh my goodnees, GRAYKIN!! I totally remember you! Thanks for touching base with Out Of Hell again! Would love to see you in the Discord channel, we need to catch up!!

  2. Graykin permalink


    I was a long-time follower of the OoH back during the UT2k4 days. When it came out in 2009, my PC could barely run it, and it wasn’t just because I had a Dell POS. You made the levels just too damn detailed for even UE 2.5 to handle, lol! I was one of the lucky winners of the contest you organized–got me a signed copy of one of Justin Lassen’s albums and L4D2! That was pretty awesome all around.

    I recently bought UT2k4 on Steam since I no longer have access to the original retail version I got and was reliving my high school days with old mods and stuff. Of course I remembered OoH, among many others, and I’m currently replaying it. It’s definitely a bit rough around the edges, but it’s still impressive with all of the work you put into it.

    And then I remembered you had announced another project some time ago, it went by a name that eludes me now, but googling “Out Of Hell” brought me here. Once again, I’m very impressed with all of the work you put in, judging by the screenshots anyway, not to mention surprised that you appear to be really frickin’ close to release (hopefully)!

    Anyhoo, I’m definitely going to keep a close eye on this now. Good luck on making an October release!

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