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Do You Have A Thing That You Just HATE Doing?

May 6, 2023

I work in a kitchen and one of the things I just really, really hate making is this Cous Cous dish we have. I really don’t know why since it’s soooo easy and only takes minutes to make, but I just always drag my knuckles and it ends up taking 10 times as long!

This final area of the map (the gas station) is my Out Of Hell Cous Cous. When I finished the layout phase of the map years ago (with only minor detail added) I couldn’t even finish this damn gas station! The model was incomplete and I left the whole thing untextured because for some reason, I didn’t want to do it. I just didn’t!

Fast forward until now and I saved this gas station for the absolute last and I just dragged my feet when detailing it out. It’s so stupid too because all I did was fight through that “not wanting to do it and putting it off” attitude and surprise surprise, I got it done and it was simple. One thing that helped (which I’ve said before in other posts) is making a list and crossing the stuff off as I go. For example:

Dreaded GAS STATION area:

  • Stupid Gas Pumps
  • Stupid Propane tank things
  • Propane cage?? So stupid
  • Posters
  • Garbage can (octagon plastic ones)
  • Window wiper things with the container things for the window wiper things
  • Papers
  • Big car Vacuum
  • Air pump
  • Signs on windows
  • Stupid Bait fridges (make two? Freezer style as well??)
  • Dumb hedges
  • Stupid Convenience Store with triangle roof
  • Gas sign logo
  • big Gas costage sign

Etcetera etcetera.

The thing that took me longest was actually coming up with ideas for the posters and signage and not even the creation of the gas station itself, which I dreaded for so long.


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  1. — The Thing I Hate by Stabbing Westward just played in my head.

  2. MadLad permalink

    Cous Cous tastes pretty bad and gas prices are ridiculously depressing so the lack of interest is understandable.

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