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May 26, 2023

My schedule is absolutely screwed right now up until about August because of work, but the good news is that after I finished the Midtown map I had begun to assemble the Alpha version for the testers (or is it Beta? I should look up what these terms really mean!)

Until now they’ve been testing out various disjointed portions of the game to get a feel for the atmosphere, the game mechanics and so on, but now it is structured and will play out in the proper sequence that is intended for the final release.

I have gone back and combed through every step, from the intro to the configuration screen sound effects, music, rerecording the voices etc. I hope to have this ready to go in June and will keep everyone updated on how the test goes!

In the meantime…

From → Out Of Hell

  1. Predator permalink

    your first person portrayal looked good. I hope you find a good way to put them back in. so you could underline certain effects on donovan again. if you add the crows etc, it would be nice if some also circled in the sky or just flew past in swarms. they could, for example, circle over corpses or lift off the ground when you approach them and make their nice familiar noises :-). the sound effects of certain animals, such as crowing or squeaking of rates would be an atmospheric enrichment. there are also harmless creatures that can suddenly frighten you ;-). greetings

  2. C+R permalink

    I have swarms of flies around garbage and corpses already but the crows are a nice idea; I’ll add in a few of those!

    True first person is already in the game since it was one of the first things I worked on but I decided to take it out because I don’t like the way it looks when the body passes through/intersects with level geometry. If I can figure out a good way around it, I’ll put it back in but at the moment I would rather have the classic “floating arms” look than the player’s legs embedded in a boulder or bench. 🙂

  3. Predator permalink

    Maybe you can add crows, flies,rats and pigeons pecking at the corpses and complementing the atomosphere. and maybe a real first person view. greetings

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