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July 6, 2016

Once I discovered that UE4 was capable of dynamic Global Illumination my head nearly exploded! I went about implementing it and found it was a mixed bag of results. Sifting through forums for information on this feature reveals that it is still in experimental stages and may have been abandoned. Unfortunately, in its current state the quality just isn’t there compared to baked lighting.

I was able to get acceptable results under certain situations…


…but problematic for the most part.


It seems that you can have good results for outdoor environments but you’ll run into problems with light-bleeding and other artifacts in an outdoor/indoor scene. So at this point in time, I’m just going to go back to what I was doing before because dynamic GI out-of-the-box is a no-go for me. q_q

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  1. Tbuck permalink

    A shame really, but from what you’ve shown so far it looks great, cant wait to see that finished product, cant believe you’re doing this all by yourself, the enemy designs look horrific, creative and absolutely disgusting while being really close in texture work to the originals but with much more detail, and the environments still retain that lonely Small Autumn Town feeling/atmosphere.

    Cant wait to see it in action either by the finished release or some potencial videos.

    Just found this page and saw it was being regurarly updated and I was overjoyed.

    Good luck with your project Nguyen, cant wait to try it out.

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